Too Much Death Here

Our beautiful Téah Mae needs prayers today. This sweet, kind, loving, creative, amazing child went back to her former home for the first time yesterday.
It did not go well.
We brought the girls there to see the FEMA trailer. We were excited & wanted the girls to be too.
They were not excited.
Téah’s reaction was one of the more horrible things I have ever seen. Not because it was not brave or kind. Because is was just raw, sad, palpable grief. No mom wants to see that hurt in their child & as a therapist I know too much about what it means to find any comfort in those moments.
Kristina describes it so well it sends goose bumps down my spine. “There is too much death here” she says.
And there is.
We used to count deer on the way in, instead Téah counted the trailers replacing homes. The place feels like a ghost town after a zombie apocalypse in a poorly directed horror film. The idea it will ever feel the same, or even safe, ever again is becoming less and less possible.

One thought on “Too Much Death Here

  1. This is so sad, but like you said, it is very true. I remember waking up to the sound of military rescue helicopters every morning… I often think that if I didn’t follow my gut instinct of getting you guys out… Who knows what would have happened? I do love that you participated in rescues, though.


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