Struggles last in your life only as long as you remain attached to them. There comes a time to let go and transform your thinking into a far more powerful place. Once you understand difficulties are merely lessons for growth and development, frustration will turn into strength.

Anyone who has known me for any length of time knows that every single time Life knocks me down, I rise above it~ not survive it~ And there is a big difference.

I vowed to myself & my children that we would come out of this better than we were before it happened. I made a very steep promise that one day we would actually look back on this time as a blessing.

I have no intention of being just a Survivor ~ we will use this event as the stepping stone to the next, beautiful, abundant, amazing pocket of time of our lives!

2 thoughts on “12.17.2019

    1. This was an arbitrary date I chose as my goal date to “Thrive”. I vowed to allow the experience of the natural disaster to profoundly alter the direction of my life and was committed to making it be in a positive direction. I gave myself a set amount of time to wallow in the grief while the trauma morphed my life path into its current trajectory.
      Kudos to you for noticing! ✨


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