Pearls of Wisdom

When I was in my 20’s my Grandmother gave me a string of pearls. She was not a wealthy woman and a gift such as this would have required sacrifices for her to obtain. I share that to explain that the value that this beautiful gift has in my heart is far deeper than the fact that I love pearls.

While watching a movie the other night, it struck me that I had forgotten to grab these during or after the storm. They had been hidden in my nightstand which had been on the road for a week already. Trash pick up has started and people have been rummaging through those piles. I had no hope that my pearls would be there when I looked for them today.
Yet there they were.
What do you think the message/ moral/ lesson I’m expressing with this story is?

5 thoughts on “Pearls of Wisdom

  1. I feel as though the fact that you meant enough for your grandmother to leave you those pearls as a memory of her for you to never forget … she was there next to that pile of debris to ensure no one else found them before you remembered them. Memories and belongings of ones we love who have passed on are treasures for us to always be with them .

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  2. That grandma works in mysterious ways, lemme tell you. Remember when we were moving houses and I wanted my little chandelier so bad and cried and cried? And then in the middle of the night it fell down and I woke up and just KNEW it was her looking out for me. Maybe it’s the same thing?
    I’m glad you got that necklace because she’s amazing and they have such a wonderful story attached to them.

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