I Lost It

I finally lost it today.

My mind, that is.

3 jobs, writing  a book,cleaning a huge house, cats, dogs, clients, deadlines, Wife, mother, therapist,friend, author, maid, head of entertainment, 

Did I remember to enter overturns, peer reviews, buy those post Malone tickets, aren’t I at orientation today, first day of high school is soon, can I have a birthday party? Me too? Mine is first? 

I cannot freaking remember what else I forgot today.

My brain shut Down/powered off/ done….

Em do you think you can____?



The answer is no. 

No I cannot.

I am forgetting to be human.

Or maybe I was not made for the rise and grind. Maybe I was made for trees and ocean air and peaceful time with my mind. For sunsets and bonfires and less cares and more help.

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