The Losses Are Not Over

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Not every human will like you when you emerge, healed, from a trauma.

A Phoenix does not re-form back to what it once was, no matter how beautiful that had been. She is transformed; changed; altered by the experience.

Some people will be more comfortable with the version of you that existed after the trauma; scared, demure, hesitant to share your voice or speak your truth.

They aren’t ready for this healed version of you.

That is sad for them. Let them grieve that the old you has gone.

You waited a long time for this transformation. You have been in the trenches, doing the harrowingly difficult work of processing, healing, and becoming whole again.

You have EARNED this. Whether other people are prepared for this healed version of you or not, is their problem. You can be kind to them- send some prayers, wish them well, thank them for their part on your path, but do not feel obligated to stay stuck being a version of you that they feel more comfortable around.

YOU HAVE EARNED THIS HEALING- Now live it, speak it, Be it, let it shine from you as a beacon of Hope for others. The world will adjust.

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