Art Kit: An Emergency

Painting by Emily Ross

Emergency Art Kit

Every now & again on this great adventure of Life we encounter what I fondly refer to as ‘Jaguar Hunters‘ ( you know me & my epithets). These are people who – if you are open to it- profoundly alter the entire course/ direction of your Life.

Sometimes we get caught up and forget the great lesson we learned. Until the time is again right & we remember again.

One such lesson was taught to me by an amazing soul that I had the pleasure of working with. She is an amazing artist, the likes of which I will never compare.
But she taught me the need for & constructed for me,
‘An Emergency Art Kit’!

It does not matter is you can or cannot paint , draw , color, etc .

I have been painting for an hour now & all I can attest to is that as horrendous as the painting may be- I feel 2 trillion times better.

So what will be your ’emergency art kit’? Show us on the EmSpiration page!

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