An Ode to Harvey Survivors

To all our fellow Harvey Survivors:

When you are feeling broken hearted, as I know we do from time to time. Look at these statistics & remind yourself that we have not only survived a significant historical event but fought to thrive in it- through helping each other & persevering through to rebuild or relocate, we have shown ourselves, each other, & the world what we are made of!

🚤 30,000 water rescues
🚣🏼 40,000 people were evacuated
🏚over 300,000 structures flooded
🌪 57 confirmed tornadoes
💨 highest wind gust was 145 mph
🙏🏼the most deaths due to a tropical cyclone since 1919
🗺 the spacial extent of the storm has never been matched in American History
⛈ the highest total rainfall was confirmed at 60.58″ which established a new U.S. record for rainfall associated with a tropical cyclone.
Any Guesses where it was recorded? Beaumont- Port Arthur 🌨

Eric Blake & David Zelinsky from the National Hurricane Center state,
“Harvey was the most significant tropical cyclone rainfall event in United States history”

Share your story of survival in the comments.

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