This update is really tough to write. The girls & I want to thank everyone who is reaching out to offer kind words about the house. Each time one of you says you see the pictures and cry yourself gives us permission to truly feel the depth of the grief this is bringing us. And if we are to move forward we must allow ourselves to feel the depth of the pain this is causing us.

Several things stand out now though and I promise material things lost are not among them.
The neighbor who informed us of the house/ pictures did it in the most kind and sensitive way possible and this truly softened the blow.

We just sat down together as a family, with the family who has taken us in, and shared a meal in which we all genuinely laughed.

Almost all our animals were saved, and we actually had some steak to celebrate that. We are very aware that not all families have been that fortunate.

And most importantly to me – We know you are all watching us for how to handle this catastrophe and We will not let you down. We have not felt alone at all in this- the love and support has kept us going & I think changed us in a strongly positive way. ~ Emily

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