Foster Puppies Update

We are sending up prayers of gratitude as we are so excited to share that our last two fosters are safe!

This is truly a miracle if you think about all the dogs we have personally fostered. Some people like to throw around heavy words like karma at times like this. And I am not afraid to go there too- Only with level headedness & bravery -clearly protected & led by God- were we able to get 5 humans, 5 cats, 3 dogs, & 6 foster dogs all to safety in this horrific storm. Now toss around in your mind our one vehicle is a Ford Mustang.
God put people in our path at precisely the right time, He absolutely guided us to make the very difficult yet perfectly timed, decisions we did that kept most of the souls- human & animal- that we are responsible for safe.

Now add to this the days we have spent tirelessly looking for any animal we had previously fostered. Again God laying in front of us the people who could help us during this very scary process because we could never have done this alone. With the help of friends we are so thrilled to report that every single one of the foster dogs are safe!!! Words like appreciation & gratitude do no justice to the overwhelming relief we feel.

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