Can’t go “Home”?

Karuṇā Instead

photo credit: Em

Today was not my bravest day friends. Driving into town was more difficult than I could adequately prepare myself for. But I’ve never been a sit back and feel defeated type of woman and my girls are watching. So Téah, & I headed into Beaumont today to try to spread some hope.

Thank you to our host family (they are very private so no tag) for-in addition to your hospitality & generosity-letting us borrow your expedition to load with supplies brought to us by Gretchen & Jeff Olson – friends and owners of 16Point Beard Products.
Because of these amazing people and generous donations from David Safer & friends we spent the better part of a day helping others.

We purposely sought out people who could not likely get to distribution centers. We literally pulled into an assisted living apartment complex and started knocking on doors.
And thank God we did.

I’ve seen people & animals today I will not describe because I do not want the images burnt into your minds the way they are now engraved in mine. But I also saw God.
A genuine smile, a heart felt hug, the look of relief on another humans face when you just show up at their door with help- no strings attached.
Thank you for all my amazing supports who keep us encouraged – especially Andy Illes who talked me through more than she realized. If I am to find healing in this disaster it will surely be through doing this.
So send us your supplies. Send us your words of encouragement. Be our hope. We will gratefully be your messengers to the brave people of Texas.

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