Karuṇā in Action

We have spent the past two days sifting through the wreckage of the storm. I’ve spent a lot of the past 48 hours contemplating all that has happened in such a short time. And when I piece together the individual moments the part that stands out- more than water, or loss, or sadness, or fear- the part that dominates in a huge and profoundly powerful way is the utterly pure compassion & love we have felt from family, friends, neighbors, & strangers.

I expected to feel hopeless, alone, and afraid when we went through that house. Instead I was surrounded by selfless friends who showed up in every way imaginable. People like Mary who drove two hours to offer compassionate words, cleaning supplies, and hours upon hours of hard labor & donuts! ; Gretchen, Jeff, Isabelle, & Seth who drove 90 miles with food, friendship, & a willingness to move some big furniture!
Christiana & Amanda who offered their trailer to haul the refuge to the road, made us sandwiches & snacks, helped with supplies, water runs, and washed every salvageable dish in our home.
And Aaron & Caleb. Who offer their home to our family & pets. They manage to make us feel not only welcome, but wanted and valued. They have provided friendship & stability for our entourage and our family dinners have become my favorite part of every day. In addition to all this they helped with the house- moving furniture, appliances, sifting through rooms, looking for special items, and countless other acts for which we are all so grateful.

Thank you all for everything you’ve done & continue to do to help us all heal from this storm. You are what is right with this world- an amazing example of humanity.
~Love, Emily, Jaedyn, Kristina, & Téah

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