Be the Hero of Your Story

📜How you tell your story matters.
And not just to you, but to your kids who are listening & the world who -thanks to social media- is watching.

It shocks me that not everyone realizes this. 💡

The other day I went to explore the area around a house we are interested in. The kids could be excited about this. Friends & family could be enthusiastic about this.
But they are going to take our lead.

We sat down for dinner and I began my epic saga to learn their favorite parts of the day. This has been a struggle lately- but that is why it is so important. So I start by telling them all about this great park we had found with a train really close & a big open field plus trails for running with exercise stations and a cute bridge.
The girls were getting curious.
They were listening intently.

Suddenly a family friend who had been with me on the excursion interjects amazed. Although we explored the park together he visited a very different place than I did. He started inserting corrections.
Didn’t I see how run down it was? Shoudn’t l tell the kids that the boards making up the bridge had holes in it?
And what about the dead cat we saw?

You can guess what happened right? The girls don’t want to see the park. They are less excited about the area. Even I started to question if I had really seen all the beauty that I had been describing.

And what good did that do?
The answer is NONE.
You don’t get a gold star for being negative. And it does not just impact you. It impacts anyone and everyone you interact with.

How we tell our stories matters to more than just ourselves. ☀️ So I’m going to stop making fun of FEMA or complaining about the aftermath of this flood and I’m going to start pointing out all the positive things going on. Please feel free to keep me accountable if I lose my way again.

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