Karuṇā In Action

It is tough to find human words to adequately express the depth of Love Jaedyn, Kristina, Téah & I felt at receiving this ginormous care package from Janel & her amazing family. If love, compassion, encouragement, & Hope could be boxed and shipped it would look exactly like this. Each and every of the many […]

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Karuṇā in Action

We have spent the past two days sifting through the wreckage of the storm. I’ve spent a lot of the past 48 hours contemplating all that has happened in such a short time. And when I piece together the individual moments the part that stands out- more than water, or loss, or sadness, or fear- […]

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Miracles Happen

I have not shared parts of our story yet. Partly because we didn’t want to scare friends & family- partly because they are still tough for us to wrap our heads around them. But part of why we evacuated so late was because we weren’t so sure our car would make it to our destination. […]

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Téah’s had turned 12 years old just weeks before the flood took every. single. thing. the child had ever owned. Her very first request was for a book. She spent the last of her birthday money buying one for her sister.

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Can’t go “Home”?

Karuṇā Instead Today was not my bravest day friends. Driving into town was more difficult than I could adequately prepare myself for. But I’ve never been a sit back and feel defeated type of woman and my girls are watching. So Téah, & I headed into Beaumont today to try to spread some hope. Thank […]

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Foster Puppies Update

We are sending up prayers of gratitude as we are so excited to share that our last two fosters are safe! This is truly a miracle if you think about all the dogs we have personally fostered. Some people like to throw around heavy words like karma at times like this. And I am not […]

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Friends- we are still at 35 feet. That means we are not even out of the major flood yet. And our houses are literally just sitting in that bayou water. I’m really not ready for the rebuild pep talks or advice on going back in yet. My mind is still processing the loss I can […]

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