Evacuation Day

This was tough to title. I went through several choices before settling on one that I am not satisfied with. Happy Evacuation day? No, happy is a horrible adjective to describe the memory of this day. We Didn’t Die Day? I mean, it is accurate but not at all uplifting. Harvey Day? Eh even reading […]

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An Ode to Harvey Survivors

To all our fellow Harvey Survivors: When you are feeling broken hearted, as I know we do from time to time. Look at these statistics & remind yourself that we have not only survived a significant historical event but fought to thrive in it- through helping each other & persevering through to rebuild or relocate, […]

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I keep catching myself thinking back to the last year when August was still alive and September was safe. The traumaversaries are closing in on me, eating pockets of time, stealing months away and replacing them with trepidation. Soon the edges of the traumaversaries will touch leaving no pockets of peace to hide away in; […]

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Bayou Blues

I try not to admit that I am afraid to go in the Bayou. How strange is that? I loved that place. I’d wander through there barefoot until I got so lost. I bumped into snakes twice as long as me, spiders the size of my hand, boars with babies, even a bobcat! I never […]

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Art Kit: An Emergency

Emergency Art Kit Every now & again on this great adventure of Life we encounter what I fondly refer to as ‘Jaguar Hunters‘ ( you know me & my epithets). These are people who – if you are open to it- profoundly alter the entire course/ direction of your Life. Sometimes we get caught up […]

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I Lost It

I finally lost it today. My mind, that is. 3 jobs, writing  a book,cleaning a huge house, cats, dogs, clients, deadlines, Wife, mother, therapist,friend, author, maid, head of entertainment,  Did I remember to enter overturns, peer reviews, buy those post Malone tickets, aren’t I at orientation today, first day of high school is soon, can […]

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The Losses Are Not Over

Not every human will like you when you emerge, healed, from a trauma. A Phoenix does not re-form back to what it once was, no matter how beautiful that had been. She is transformed; changed; altered by the experience. Some people will be more comfortable with the version of you that existed after the trauma; […]

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I am the only one in the house who still cannot sleep in the rain. I am glad for them but my mind craves that peace. The thunder makes me shiver even as I pretend to sleep. And Matthew instinctively pulls me closer. We are all safe. When I cannot sit still any longer I […]

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